21 September 2010


I wanted to skip this week's assignment because I had my Little Chefs class on Saturday and another Little Chefs demo class at one of our local bookstores on Sunday. 7 inches between my ears, my internal dialogue went on and on...I've already attempted Rose's Ethereal Pear Charlotte before...I should do it a second time for practice...what about your commitment...blah, blah, blah.
Some of my Little Homegrown Chefs showing off 
their Jewel Chocolates they made the day before.  
From left to right is Clarissa, Neala, Hannah, Mia and Kyra 
Sunday night I went over the recipe...just in case....let's see...what kind of red apples do we get here, Fuji, Washington, New Zealand - I have to settle for Granny Smith or its gonna be mushy :(... we can't get Calvados here - dang, I had just used up my Apple Bicardi...Brandy, just use Brandy!

Monday morning I poached the apples - shucks, had to run off for a meeting and then errands! 10pm - carried on with the Apple Caramel, midnight - Biscuit Roulade, might as well make my favourite so I did the almond kind. Looked at the time, 2am - if I cut them gently, they might just hold, phew, so far so good. 3am - might as well spread the apricot preserves, might as well slice and assemble the pieces! 4.30am - I'm going to sleep.

Tuesday morning, please let me have my coffee first...and a little facebook won't hurt, right? 12noon - better get on with the Italian Meringue...whip the cream...finally pouring in the Bavarian Cream filling. Quickly, got to chill it. Apple Rose Decor - slice, almost there, done! Oh, apple Glaze...

5pm - photography!!! Hope I made it in time........

11pm - We managed to chill the charlotte and finally got down to tasting it.
Faye - What cream is this? Bavarian? (she's never tried Bavarian before), Oh Bavarian is my favourite cream. This is the best cake I've ever eaten, may I have another slice please?
Natasha - exquisite and delicious, I can eat more than one slice
Babs - You know me, I don't eat cream but this I can eat.
Nicole - I like!
Me - very nice

Ethereal Pear Charlotte
I made this for my Son in Food, Zhin for Easter
Apple Pear Charlotte


Monica said...

Jennifer from reading your post you stayed up at night to do this one too.. for being rushed, it looks pretty darn good! Love how you really used the apple slices and your Rose patter was very 3-D looking.

Vicki said...

It turned out beautifully! I like the pear one too. Love your little chefs. Do you have info on how you set this up?

SUGAR CHEF said...

Beautiful Charlotte!! I have been so busy with other work I just haven't had the time to participate and I really wanted to do this one.

evil cake lady said...

your charlotte(s) are beautiful! and i love your little chefs--so cute!

Jen said...

Monica, my weekends are usually full so I bake on Monday itself. The time difference is driving me nuts while I strive to keep in pace :) As for the Rose Decor, I just got carried away and kept adding the apple slices in between to sort of lift the petals up...

Vicki,the Ethereal Pear is a long story - an order from a customer and heavens know where my courage came from despite it being my first time!If you're looking to make lots of extra cash, start a Little Homegrown Chefs Series! I can help you with that...click on my cooking class, some earlier info are still there to get you started...let me know :)

Sugar, you just have to try it...the drama is worthied :)with your skills, I'm sure you'll make the best one..

Jennifer, thanks so much and I agree my little chefs are cute and so clever, mind you!

Lynnette said...

Absolutely beautiful. I did not do this project but, it looks so yummy that I will do it in the near future.
Love your little chefs!