14 September 2010


I had decided to try The Lemon Poppy Seed - Sour Cream Cake as soon as I was aware of a "free choice" week.  My rationale were 1) I have yet to taste this cake 2) lemon is my son's favourite and 3) I have not known anyone or anyplace here that sells it. Since I also have an account with a restaurant for a weekly supply of cakes,  I went ahead and baked an extra one to add it on the list. What better way to obtain feedback than from the restaurant owner herself. 

Everything went smoothly except for one thing which was turning a hot cake onto its serving board or plate. Considering that the cake is quite warm and glazed with 1/3 of the lemon syrup, the top of the cake stucked to the 1st cardboard. This is commonly how we invert our cakes here! Lesson learned, take Rose's advice and use a lightly oiled wiremesh to invert your cakes!

The cake was super delicious,....my favourite parts are the crunch  the lemon glaze produce and  the poppy seeds gently exploding in the mouth!


evil cake lady said...

i loved the crunch too! so how did the restaurant like this cake?

Jen said...

strangely most feedback with the word delicious, super delicious!